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walker Winchesters 

Emmett, Idaho

The Walker Winchesters ‘store’ is more small museum than store. We have a unique display of original John Wayne memorabilia including autographs, autographed pictures, letters, even a dressing room key from Republic Studios and Duke’s high school yearbook (signed Marion Morrison, his birth name).  


We have some of my cowboy gear from when I was a working cowboy.  You will see we stock Redding reloading equipment, Starline brass, ammunition, Aero Precision parts with Ballistic Advantage barrels for the black rifle lovers. 


Here at Walker Winchesters our first mission is, we are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Winchester lever action rifles.  We specialize in Winchesters prior to 1930.


Second, we love to make custom Ruger revolvers and Winchesters, especially in my favorite calibers 41 Special and 44 WCF.  

We have a full machine shop and gunsmithing area where we make correctly rolled stamped replacement barrels and some specific parts for Winchesters.  We also offer wood replacement, black oxide bluing, rust bluing, niter bluing, parkerizing, and color case hardening.  


You ask why go to all this trouble?  When you love something, you go to any lengths to restore it, customize it, and preserve it.

No matter how long I have worked at gunsmithing, I would like to take the opportunity to give credit to some other people.


First and foremost, everyone knows I like John Wayne and I will tell you why.  John Wayne always was, and will be, the man’s man. I had such a man in my life while growing up. I looked up to him, and he was my hero. That was my Grandpa. When I see John Wayne, I really see my Grandpa.


The second man I looked up to and admired as a genuine hero is my Uncle Bob.  My Uncle has the same strength of character, honesty, and love of family as his Dad, my Grandpa.  


When I was at my lowest point in my life, I look back to those two men who always gave me strength, character, and guidance by the examples they showed me as a boy and young man.


If only every young man had such men to look up to! I still love my Grandpa and my Uncle Bob, I am a better man to have been raised under/around two men of great character and morals.  


I must thank the other Gunsmiths who have helped me along the way.


I must also thank my friends Dave and Deb Benson, who without their help, encouragement and friendship I would not be where I am at today.


Last, but not least, I must thank my wife Tina who has done nothing but offer me support and love. She is always there for me and I could never ask for a better wife.  I love you Tina!



IMG_3684 (1).JPEG

 Uncle Bob & Grandpa circa 1983 

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