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I grew up around Winchester lever actions my entire life and have always loved functioning “works of art”!


All Winchester fans have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the “Original Assault Rifle.”

  • Don’t Restore – Keep in in the same condition as it was purchased.

  • Repair DIY Garage Mods – Install sling swivels, new wood, engravings, etc.

  • Classic Restoration – Paying attention to the most intricate details, restore it to look like it was handed to you by Winchester in the 1800’s.

  • Custom Restoration – Change things up and customize with custom barrel length, caliber and make it ‘Your’ Winchester.


If you’re looking for Classic or Custom restoration work, like a new barrel that is correctly roll stamped, new straight grain black walnut or XXX fancy black walnut wood, rust bluing with color case receiver and the rifle to come back like new, Walker Winchesters is happy to be of service. We also offer complete repair services Winchesters.


We also offer other services such as...

  • Custom Ruger Blackhawks.

  • Bluing

  • Color Case Hardening

  • General Gunsmithing

At Walker Winchesters we are NOT a black rifle shop. We are an SOT, meaning we make our own Suppressors (silencers), short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns, and machineguns to qualified manufacturers and LE agencies.

We strive to do our very best to please everyone and hope you will be another happy customer

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