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Winchester replacement barrels

Here at Walker Winchesters we make replacement barrels for antique Winchesters. Currently I am making 1873, 1886, 1892, and 1894 barrels. I am also making the following types according to models;  short 20” octagon rifle, 24” & 26” standard octagon, half octagon and take down.  Round 20” carbine and 14-16” trapper barrels are offered. 

Our barrels will fit the majority of Winchesters. Let me explain. Winchester did NOT HAVE A SET BARREL LENGTH, if they did have a set barrel length all barrels would be the same. There was no CNC!  Their 24” octagon might be 24”, 24-1/8”, 24-3/16, or 24-5/16” i have a couple of original barrels that are longer than that but the letter states 24”. 

Roll stamps

When it comes to roll stamps, i have the MOST popular roll stamps that cover the widest range of serial numbers.  

I have people call me and ask for a broken D, or the 14th instead of the 21st  date stamp.  I could do those but wont. I am not trying to make fakes just restorations.  If you are looking for a type 2 roll stamp when Winchester only made 50,000 of them before moving on to type 3, I probably wont have it. Not saying i wont have more obscure roll stamps made in the future but for now i do not feel the need to have all types of roll stamps.


When it comes to roll stamps a few things need to be understood. I have watched way too many videos of people (who should know better) comparing one roll stamp to another. The conclusion is drawn on video “ it is not authentic because it doesn’t match mine!” When i see this I cannot help but think of the ignorance of that statement.


Take 1894 Winchesters for example.  All stamps were hand engraved, and there were over 80 different stamps used.  Yes there were types but when a type 4 broke they either had it repaired or replaced.  The next one was NOT THE SAME! I have in my possession 3 Winchesters made just two months apart, yet despite all being the same type roll stamp not one is alike.  The measure different lengths, heights, etc.  So i go once again with the majority measurements. I petitioned people who do the surveys and the Cody Firearms Museum.  The height, length and style is correct for the majority. That is what I had made for roll stamps.  

I know people who will make you a “One in One Thousand” barrel. Once again, I can do that stuff but won't.  The expensive collectable Winchesters are too easily faked.  I should know, I have had a couple of my restorations later sold as original not restored.  So my replacement barrels are marked with my company name on the bottom.  It doesn’t affect the looks because you will never see it unless you take the forearm off.  

replacement barrel request form

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